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  • What is a serum?

A serum is a cosmeceutical active concentrate with a light texture and easy absorption. Just as the milk serum has the highest amount of nutrients, the serum is the galenic form where the active ingredients are found in high percentage, thus enhancing the action of the creams.

  • Is a booster and serum the same?

The word booster in English means enhancer of action.

Like a serum, they are formulated with fluid assets and low molecular weight, thus penetrating the deeper layers. A serum can be a booster that enhances the action of the creams.

  • How is a booster or serum applied?

As they have a light texture, they are applied to clean skin, massaging in an ascending way, always to combat flaccidity.

  • What happens if Antioxrevital is used during the day instead of at night?

Nothing would happen, the only thing that the sun can not give you on the face, because it is formulated with 15% ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) and is photosensitive. Reason why it is recommended at night and use high solar protection.

  • To what storage conditions should the boosters be?

All boosters or cosmeceuticals should be kept between 10-30º, except for revitalized antiox that should not exceed 25º. Antioxrevital is very concentrated in vitamin C (15%), it is packed in a nitrogen atmosphere to make it a stable formula. It is normal to open a little foam, “champagne effect”. A storage humidity of 60-70% is recommended.

  • Is it normal to notice a slight itching with Antioxrevital and GlicolpeelDtox?

Yes, certain skins can notice at first a slight stinging that goes away soon.

  • The slightly orange color of turmeric, does it stain the skin?

No, but to eliminate the color it is recommended to wash your hands with plenty of water once the product is applied.

  • How is an eye contour applied?

Through soft strokes in the contour and circular massages.

  • What applies before a serum or cream?

Always the serum or booster and then the cream.

  • Can young skin apply anti-aging products?

No, they usually carry assets that are not recommended for this type of skin. The skin of a 20 year old person needs, above all, basic cleansing and hydration. A diagnosis of the skin must be made, to assess whether it is fat, dry, sensitive … and to get an adequate treatment.

  • From what ages can the Gemma’s Dream Barcelona Boosters be applied?

From the age of 20, preventative premature aging boosters can be applied: Glycolpeel, Instant Beauty and Instant Repair.

  • In mature ages which ones would be recommended?

It will depend on the type of skin you have, not everyone ages the same.

To standardize, we say that, starting at age 30, Instant Firming and Antioxrevital are recommended, which are more adapted to mature skin than
to young women Do not forget that Instant Beauty and Instant Repair are suitable for both types of skin.

In both cases, if we previously apply GlicolpeelDtox, the Forever Young solution, better results will be obtained.
Anyway, to know what treatment is better for your skin, it is recommended to make a personalized diagnosis assessing 3 aspects: the state of the skin, what is seen and what needs to be corrected and improved; the food and the emotional part.

  • From what age can Restore Look multitasking, Antioxrevital and Instant firming serums be applied?

They are focused on skin from the age of 30, depending on the state of the skin, after having made a detailed diagnosis by the professional.

Do you want your nearest cosmetic center, pharmacy or medical center to have the products? Contact us and tell us what product you would like to buy, so that we can contact them and give you a better service. That you know that you can purchase any product online in addition to having your diagnosis free thanks to the Oneceutic method. You can find the products is:

StoresAddressZIP CodeLocationTelephone
1Perfumerias San RemoPROVENÇA, 162 08036BARCELONA93 323 81 10
2Perfumerias San RemoCOMTE BORRELL, 62 08015BARCELONA93 325 49 37
3Perfumerias San RemoSANTS, 13308028BARCELONA93 409 03 13
4Perfumerias San RemoCOMTE BORRELL, 56 08015BARCELONA93 442 80 75
5Perfumerias San RemoPADILLA, 26708025BARCELONA93 436 52 12
6Perfumerias San RemoCOLLBLANC, 23 08903HOSPITALET93 447 02 68
7Perfumerias San RemoMALLORCA, 15808036BARCELONA93 323 83 46
8Perfumerias San RemoMALLORCA, 568 08026BARCELONA93 265 22 49
9Perfumerias San RemoPADILLA, 24908013BARCELONA93 433 42 07
10Perfumerias San RemoPlaça Molina, 508006BARCELONA93 218 72 28
11Perfumerias San RemoRAMBLA CATALUNYA, 120 08008BARCELONA93 416 15 78
12Perfumerias San RemoRAMBLA POBLENOU, 5108005BARCELONA93 300 13 01
13Perfumerias San RemoTRAVESSERA DALT, 3008024BARCELONA93 237 92 02
14Perfumerias San RemoPROVENÇA, 73 08029BARCELONA93 430 04 16
15Perfumerias San RemoGRAN DE GRACIA, 11408012BARCELONA93 217 77 51
16Perfumerias San RemoSANTA CLARA, 5117001GIRONA972 42 60 86
17Perfumerias San RemoMALLORCA, 249 08008BARCELONA93 272 13 24
18Perfumerias San RemoMUNTANER, 355 08021BARCELONA93 414 60 00
19Perfumerias San RemoSANT JOAN BAPTISTA LA SALLE, 2317002GIRONA972 21 37 91
20Perfumerias San RemoTRAVESSERA DE LES CORTS, 225 08028BARCELONA93 409 73 57
21Perfumerias San RemoVILAROS, 7-1108022BARCELONA93 417 30 03
22Perfumerias San RemoPASSEIG SANT GERVASI, 6008022BARCELONA93 212 21 97
23Perfumerias San RemoTRAVESSERA DE GRACIA, 20708012BARCELONA936 89 89 14
24Perfumerias San RemoBERLIN, 2008014BARCELONA93 405 01 70
25Perfumerias San RemoSANTS,19608028BARCELONA93 409 79 59
26Perfumerias San RemoSANT ANTONI MARIA CLARET,6308025BARCELONA93 162 10 18
27Perfumerias San RemoSANT ANTONI MARIA CLARET,22108041BARCELONA93 826 96 99
28Perfumerias San RemoCALVET, 3608021BARCELONA93 689 62 29
29Perfumerias San RemoCARRER DE GRACIA, 4108201SABADELL93 727 28 99
30Perfumerias San RemoSANTS, 2308014BARCELONA93 689 77 61
31Perfumerias San RemoMAJOR DE SARRIA, 10408017BARCELONA93 709 90 29
32Perfumerias San RemoRAMBLA SABADELL, 10908202SABADELL93 689 69 04
33Perfumerias San RemoCARRER MAJOR, 643201REUS977 12 89 69
34Farmacia ColiseumBalmes, 18 08007BARCELONA933 17 93 47 – 934 12 57 59
38Cebado Bori i FontestàCarrer de Bori i Fontestà, 308021BARCELONA932 00 36 49
39Bonasport Club DeportivoCarrer de Vista Bella, 1108022BARCELONA932 54 15 00
40Visioncore Carrer dels Madrazo, 4608006BARCELONA933 90 61 39
41Peluquería Juana Martín GraciaCarrer de Biada, 308012BARCELONA931 58 60 19
42Centre d’estètica Silvia Giraltc/Crisantems 7 Bajos.08700IGUALADA938 05 49 67
43Gayanna BeautyReina Victoria 9  – El Ejido04700ALMERIA695 56 50 66
44AVANTwell Medical & Wellness center BCNBalmes 225/22708006BARCELONA937 43 43 42
45Centres Laura MartínezC/ de les Travesseres 26  08401GRANOLLERS93 870 56 74

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